Department of Military Affairs

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The Michigan Department of Military Affairs (MDMA) constitutes the armed forces of Michigan.  The armed forces of Michigan, and the Army and Air National Guard, serve under the orders of the governor as commander-in-chief.  The governor appoints an adjutant general to serve as commanding general of the Michigan National Guard and director of the Department of Military Affairs.  The Michigan Army and Air National Guard have a mission to both the federal government and the state of Michigan.  The Department also operates the state's two veterans homes: the Grand Rapids Veterans' Home and the D.J. Jacobetti Veteran's Home.

The Department of Military Affairs should continue to fund its primary program: the Michigan National Guard, whose goal is to protect the lives and property of Michigan's citizens during times of natural disaster and to preserve the peace, order, and public safety at the direction of the Governor.  It should, however, do no more. 

The Michigan Department of Military Affairs provides a valuable service to the residents of Michigan: the maintenance and provision of the Michigan National Guard.  It does, however, provide some unnecessary and costly programs that are a burden to Michigan citizens.  The state legislature should act to correct this problem by implementing the changes listed below.