MDMA Programs to be Eliminated


Gross Appropriation

Appropriation Breakdown




Starbase Grant


All from Federal Funds

Program Description:

The Starbase Program--founded in FY 1991 by the 127th Fighter Wing Division--is aimed at attracting and preparing students for science, mathematics, engineering and technology-related fields of study, with special attention given to "at-risk" youth. The program, conducted at Selfridge Air Force Base, gives students hands-on experience with high-tech equipment.

Recommended Action:

There is no reason for the Department to fund such a program, as preparing students for science, mathematics, engineering, and technology-related fields of study is the responsibility of schools, parents, and students themselves.  Moreover, there are already a number of private organizations that conduct similar events.  For example, the General Motors Institute in Flint organizes various hands-on programs involving advanced technology for high school students in the Genesee County area.


Gross Appropriation

Appropriation Breakdown




Veterans Service


All from GF/GP




Program Description:

This program awards grants to various veterans groups within the state to aid them in their operations.  For fiscal year 1995-96, the following grants have been appropriated:

American Legion


Disabled American Veterans


Marine Corps Veterans


American Veterans of World War II and Korea


Veterans of Foreign Wars


Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America


Purple Heart


Veterans of World War I


Polish Legion of American Veterans


Jewish Veterans of America


Vietnam Veterans of Michigan


Catholic War Veterans


Recommended Action:

These organizations have shown the ability to successfully raise funds for their operations via membership dues, the management of their own restaurants and bars, and other fundraising activities.  They do not need grants from the state for their continued existence.  This program should be eliminated.