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Program Description:

This grant directly subsidizes the operations of the Detroit Public Library.

Recommended Action:

The City of Detroit lacks the political will on the part of the Mayor and City Council to deal effectively with many problems that diminish the City's quality of life. For example, City officials have refused to take even simple steps to save money--such as privatization--that almost every other Michigan community has considered, and often implemented, in some form. The City could save tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars by such methods, but its officials have refused to do so, a major reason being the objections of public employee labor unions. It could increase its tax base and spur economic growth by reducing the crushing tax burden that is many times the state average. The citizens of outstate Michigan should be concerned that their tax dollars are going to subsidize an inefficient city government that in many ways is its own worst enemy. At a minimum, the Michigan Legislature should demand that the City of Detroit implement basic reforms as a precondition for any future state aid. A few straightforward policy changes would provide the City with much more than the $5 million it currently receives from this subsidy. As with other communities, the City of Detroit should not rely on state funding for its library.