Financial Woes Cause Saginaw to Turn to YMCA for Recreation Programs

SAGINAW-The financial outlook for the city of Saginaw has become so dire that the city has asked the local branch of the YMCA to draw up a proposal for taking over Saginaw's recreational services. The association may offer a proposal in May.

City Manager Reed D. Phillips told the Midland Daily News that Saginaw is facing a $1.8 million deficit if it doesn't find a way to lower its costs. Currently, the city spends around $800,000 per year on recreation, a substantial portion of which could be saved if the YMCA were to take over.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy published an article on Saginaw's budget woes in the Spring of 1996 and recommended several privatization opportunities to help the city save money. They included: water services, rubbish collection, the city boat launch, emergency medical services, and the Andersen Enrichment and Japanese Cultural Center, as well as its wave pool. If you would like to view this article visit the Mackinac Center for Public Policy Web site at, or contact the Center by phone at 989-631-0900.