Consultants to Saginaw: Privatize Civic Center

SAGINAW-The best way to give a new lease on life to the financially struggling Saginaw Civic Center, according to a 120-page report released in November by international consulting firm Deloitte & Touche, is for the city to hire a private management company.

A management company, according to the $81,000 study, would be able to devote itself to networking with a larger range of contacts to lure events to the 28-year-old facility. In addition to privatization of management, Deloitte & Touche reported that to avoid closing in June, the Civic Center needs to initiate a public relations blitz to change "negative connotations" about the center and downtown Saginaw, upgrade the "worn and dated" appearance of the conference meeting area, and make as much as $6 million in renovations and repairs. The study projects that the Center will rack up a monetary shortfall of anywhere from $194,500 to $467,800 over the next five years.