Debate on Money in Politics Featured in Media

Michigan press features arguments in advance of Thursday's debate

On Thursday, June 25th, the Mackinac Center will hold the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Debate on the topic of Money in Politics. The debate will address the competing claims of disclosure and privacy/free speech in politics today. Registration for the event guarantees refreshments and seating, and closes on June 22.

Several media outlets have covered the question in advance of Thursday's debate. On June 22, MLive published an overview of the event and the Lansing State Journal published editorials from Bradley Smith and Rich Robinson.

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Both debaters joined Kyle Melinn, who will moderate the debate, on Michigan's Big Show June 22, to preview their arguments.

On June 24, Rich Robinson and Bradley Smith discussed the debate and their opinions on it with Frank Beckmann. The segment is available here.

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