Appendix A: Revisions to Previous Publications

Some districts provided information about their contracts with private providers of food, custodial and transportation services that require us to make some corrections to the way these districts’ responses were categorized in previous publications. These are listed below.

  • Huron County contains a number of smaller school districts. These districts began using a private individual to clean their districts in 2013. This affected Church School District, Colfax Township School No. 1F, Sigel Township School District No. 3, Sigel Township No. 4, Sigel Township No. 6 and Verona Mills School District No. 1F.
  • Buckley Community Schools is part of a consortium that uses a contractor to provide transportation. The district remarked, however, that it provides only special education transportation through this consortium.
  • Capac Community Schools remarked that its employee leasing agency had been providing some custodial services prior to last year’s survey.
  • Charlevoix Public Schools remarked that it had used a private contractor for transportation prior to last year’s survey.
  • In the previous survey, Ellsworth Community Schools stated that it contracted out transportation services. This year it clarified that it was contracting out for substitute employees.
  • Frankenmuth clarified that its transportation contractor is only providing
    maintenance services.
  • Frankfort-Elberta contracts with its local intermediate school district to provide transportation services, and the ISD uses a private contractor to provide these services. However, the district only receives special education transportation through its ISD.
  • Genesee School District had been using an employee leasing agency to provide one of its transportation employees prior to the 2013 survey.
  • Highland Park Schools contracted with the Detroit Public Schools instead of its charter management company to provide food services in 2013.
  • North Huron Schools used a transportation contractor prior to last year’s survey.
  • Pine River Area Schools remarked that it had contracted out custodial services in the previous survey. This year they stated that it had not.
  • Monroe Public Schools clarified that it only used its contractor for bus maintenance.
  • Montrose Public Schools clarified that it was using an employee leasing agency for only new custodial employees.

South Haven outsourced custodial services through an employee leasing agency prior to our 2013 survey.