Custodial Service

  • 248 of 545 districts (45.5 percent) contract out for custodial services.

  • 39 districts began new contracts for custodial services in 2013.

Custodial service is the most frequently contracted service. It has grown from 6.6 percent of school districts in 2003 to 45.5 percent of school districts in 2013.

Graphic 4: Districts Contracting Custodial Service

Graphic 4: Districts Contracting Custodial Service - click to enlarge

* Data were not collected in 2004.

Graphic 5: Districts New to Custodial Service Contracting

Beaver Island Community School

Montrose Community Schools

Bellevue Community Schools

Orchard View Schools

Carsonville-Port Sanilac Schools

Peck Community Schools

Charlotte Public Schools

Pine River Area Schools

Chippewa Valley Schools

Pontiac School District

Clio Area Schools

Redford Union Schools

East Detroit Public Schools

Rochester Community Schools

Erie-Mason Consolidated Schools

Roscommon Area Public Schools

Flint Community Schools

Saranac Community Schools

Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools

Springport Public Schools

Genesee School District

Sturgis Public Schools

Godwin Heights Public Schools

Tahquamenon Area Schools

Hagar Township School District 6

Tekonsha Community Schools

Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools

Tri County Area Schools

Kingsley Area Schools

Van Dyke Public Schools

Lake Fenton Community Schools

Westwood Heights Schools

Lincoln Park Public Schools

Whitefish Township Community School

Mason County Eastern Schools

Whiteford Agricultural Schools

Memphis Community Schools

Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Monroe Public Schools


There was both an increase in full-service custodial contracting and employee–leasing contracting in 2013. Of the 39 districts that began contracting out these services, 10 were with employee-leasing agencies and the others were with full-service contractors. Some districts chose to contract out these services through attrition, whereby they gradually replace employees who terminate their employment with new contracted, private employees.