A New Beginning

25 years in the making

Welcome, readers, to the new Mackinac Center magazine Impact. In our efforts to serve our supporters better, we took the time to restructure our old IMPACT newsletter into a more engaging and educational tool for those who love freedom, free markets and a more frequent read.

This issue holds our latest research, including our lead feature on Michigan’s long struggle to adopt a right-to-work law, which was just passed in December. This has been an undertaking years in the making, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of the Mackinac Center’s labor for worker freedom for many more years to come.

Our new magazine format allows us one other benefit: letting us get personal. These inaugural pages hold an in-depth donor interview, thoughts from our educational St. George, Mike Van Beek, on battling teacher union contract dragons, and election takeaways from the fiscal, legislative and labor perspectives of our lead analysts on those respective issues.

Let us know how you like the new magazine on the Mackinac Center’s Facebook page or Twitter handle (@MackinacCenter)! Our goal is not to stop here, but to keep innovating for and inspiring those who inspire us — YOU.

As always, we wish a warm and hopefully freer year to one and all this season.

For Liberty,
Lindsey Dodge, EDITOR