Patricia Benner

Patricia Benner's years of behind-the-scenes work were recognized, as she was promoted to vice president for operations. Benner joined the Center in 2003 as an executive assistant to then-Executive Vice President Joe Lehman. "I'm eager for the opportunity to continue the fight for liberty in my expanded role," said Benner.

Daniel Montgomery

After 11 years of creating Fortune 50-quality design for Mackinac Center publications and Web site, Daniel Montgomery has been promoted to marketing and design director. Montgomery said he will use both "design and marketing strategies to spread the Center's important ideas in new ways."

Michael Jahr

Michael Jahr was promoted to senior director of communications. "We have an outstanding communications team exploring every pipeline and innovation to spread our message," said Jahr. "Through groundbreaking studies, investigative reporting, social media and more, we're shaping the public policy dialogue in Michigan." 

Mindy Simon

Mindy Simon joined the Mackinac Center team as member services assistant. She brings several years of experience — and a cheerful disposition — to the challenging work of processing gifts, event planning and managing the Center's donor database.