Figure 1: Population Overlap

Difficult-to-educate students defy simple definition. Considerable overlap exists among the special education, at-risk, and adjudicated youth categories used in this report. For example, many students who have been adjudicated by the courts have also been identified as having emotional disturbance and therefore qualify for special education under federal law.

Children with Disabilities
· Single or Multiple Physical Adjudicated Youth
Disabilities · Person Offenses At-Risk Youth
· Speech or Language Impairment
· Specific Learning Disabilities
· Serious Emotional
· Mental Retardation
· Autism
· Traumatic Brain Injuries
· Property Offenses
· Drug Law Violations
· Public Order Offenses
· Status Offenses
· Dropped Out
· Expelled
· Physically or Sexually Abused
· Pregnant or Parenting
· Chemically
· Homeless
· Disruptive
· Academically Behind

Source: Seventeenth Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of IDEA, Juvenile Offender and Victims