Detailed Analysis of Fruitport's Teacher Contract

The following is a detailed analysis of the current Fruitport Community Schools teacher contract. The district employs about 224 teachers and enrolls 3,200 students. Of its $32 million operating budget, 83 percent goes toward employee compensation.

Table of Contents:
Salary Schedule
Fringe Benefits
Pension and Retirement Benefits
Bonus Pay for Additional Duties or Certification
Leave/Sick Time
Work Schedule/Environment
Extra Curricular Activities Compensation

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Salary Schedule

  • Base salaries are determined strictly by "steps," which use a matrix of years experience and graduate credit hours and degrees.
  • There are 13 "steps" on the schedule, so teachers get automatic pay raises (3-4 percent) for their first 13 years in the district.
  • In addition to step increases, the entire salary schedule increases by 2 percent each year.
  • Teachers also receive longevity payments for 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of employment. These one-time payments range from $1,852 to $9,262, depending on highest earned educational degree.
  • 58 percent of teachers have graduate degrees and 76 percent have more than 5 years experience, meaning the vast majority of teachers' base salary is between $50,015 and $64,093.
  • The Michigan Department of Education reported the average teacher salary in Fruitport in 2007-08 was $54,639.

Fringe Benefits

  • District pays $13,869 for teacher health insurance premiums.
  • Teachers contribute nothing to the cost of the premium.
  • The average family premium plan in Michigan costs $11,300.
  • Health insurance plan: MESSA Choices II with no deductible, $10/$20 RX card, $50,000 life insurance, long-term disability, dental, vision
  • Teachers electing to waive health insurance receive the monthly single subscriber premium amount in cash or invested for them in a tax-sheltered annuity.

Pension and Retirement Benefits

  • The district contributes 1.5% of teacher salaries to a 403(b) retirement plan.
  • Every teacher participates in the state-run Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System, a defined-benefit lifetime pension system
  • Pension calculation: highest 3-year average compensation X 1.5 percent X years of service
  • Retirement eligibility: 30 years of service at age 46 or 15 years of service at age 55
  • Teacher contribution: 5.4 percent of salary
  • After 55, subsidized medical, dental and vision insurance for life (employees never contribute more than 18 percent of premiums)
  • Annual pension based on 30 years experience in Fruitport School District with base salary of $64,093 (final M.A. step): $28,841.85

Bonus Pay for Additional Duties or Certifications

  • Extra class: 20 percent of annual salary
  • Substitute teaching during preparation period: 1/5 of daily substitute teacher pay
  • 55 cents per mile for travel between school buildings
  • $600 per year for tuition reimbursement costs per tenured teacher
  • $150 every 6 years for renewal fee for state certification
  • Recess duty: $15 per 30 minutes or compensatory day for five hours recess duty
  • Exceeding class size limit: Annual salary divided by class size limit X 0.5% X number of students above class size limit X school days
    • Example: Teacher with two extra students making $54,000 would receive about $3,000 extra compensation
  • Contract labor: 30 days per year for three years at $136/day
  • Mentor teachers: 2-4% stipend of salary for 12-24 hours per year
  • Summer School: $28.42/hr

Leave/Sick Time

  • 13 leave days per year, accumulated up to 250
  • Paid $60 per sick/leave day accumulated (into 403(b) plan) ($15,000 max)
  • May cash in a maximum of 10 leave days per year for $50 per day
  • 3 leave days per year may be used for personal business
  • Union may use 10 days of teacher leave time for union business
  • Leaves of absence with pay: National guard, jury duty, court appearances, visitations of other schools, conferences, funerals (1-5 days)
  • Leaves of absence without pay: child care (one year), Peace Corps (2 years), union official (no limit), military duties (no limit), graduate study (no limit)
  • 15 consecutive leave days may be used for paternity leave
  • Minimum of 3 record days per year (no meetings, professional development or teaching)

Work Schedule/Environment

  • 183 work days
  • Work day: 7.5 hours (must be in building 5 minutes before start and end of class)
  • Uninterrupted lunch period: 30 minutes
  • Hours per work year: 1,373
  • U.S. average hours per work year: 1,792
  • Teaching Loads:
    • High school and middle school: 4 teaching and 1 preparation period
    • Elementary: 5 ½ hours of classroom duties
  • Each school mush have teacher lounge and vending machines
  • One job performance evaluation every three years
  • Reimbursement for damaged or stolen clothing or personal property while on school premises

Extra Curricular Activities Compensation

  • Coaching (based on experience)
    • Head football, boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling: $5,557-$9,058
      • Assistants (2-7 in each sport): $2,037-$6,099
    • Head swimming, volleyball, gymnastics: $4,075-$6,642
      • Volleyball assistants: $2,408-$5,435
    • Head track, baseball, boys soccer, girls soccer: $3,445-$5,616
      • Assistants (2-3 in each sport): $2,037-$4,288
    • Head boys and girls cross country, boys and girls tennis: $2,779-$4,529
    • Head bowling, cheerleading, boys golf, girls golf: $2,223-$3,623
      • Assistants (0-3 in each sport): $926-$1,993
  • Music and Fine Arts
    • High School Band: $5,557-$9,058
    • High School Drama: $5,557-$9,058
    • Middle School Band: $4,075-$6,643
    • Middle School Drama: $3,704-$6,038
    • Indoor Drum Line: $3,334-$5,435
    • Winter Color Guard: $3,334-$5,435
    • High School Vocal: $2,964-$4,831
    • Middle School Vocal: $1,482-$2,415
    • Summer Band Camp: $202-$330 per day
  • Miscellaneous
    • Science Olympiad: $2,037-$3,321
    • Yearbook: $2,037-$3,321
    • Debate: $1,482-$2,415
    • DECCA: $1,482-$2,415
    • Newspaper: $1,482-$2,415
    • High School Counselor: $1,482-$2,415
    • Forensics: $1,260-$2,053
    • National Honor Society: $926-$1,509
    • Quiz Bowl: $926-$1,509
    • BPA advisors (2 positions): $741-$1,208
    • Escape advisors (2 positions): $741-$1,208
    • Odyssey of the Mind (one position per school): $741-$1,208
    • High School Class Advisors: $202-$330
    • Kindergarten screening: $202-$330 per day