Appendix B: A New Mackinac Center Database on MEGA

In light of the growing secrecy surrounding the Michigan Economic Growth Authority, the Mackinac Center has posted on its Web site a public database on MEGA-related deals. The database, posted at, represents a convenient repository of original information on deals made and jobs promised by MEGA and MEGA recipients. Much of the information, secured from dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests, is not readily available to the public or to state policymakers.

The data go back to April 1995, and the database will be updated by Center staff on a regular basis. The database consists of the primary informational paperwork for each MEGA deal, including:

  • Briefing memoranda (an MEDC summary of each deal);
  • "Economic effects" reports (summaries of economic impact analyses made primarily by University of Michigan economists under contract with the state); and
  • MEGA tax-credit agreements (the binding but amendable agreement between MEGA and each corporate or business recipient's representative).