Rackham golf course remains in legal limbo

HUNTINGTON WOODS — A deed restriction that prevents the Rackham golf course from being sold for another use was upheld by the Michigan Court of Appeals, according to The Detroit News.

Detroit has been trying to sell Rackham, located in Huntington Woods, since 2006. One possible bidder for the property intended to build a housing development on the course. The City of Huntington Woods, which bid for the course, claimed that the rival bidder's proposal was not acceptable under terms of the deed. A deed restriction put in place when the Rackham family donated the course to the city prevents the property from being used as anything but a public golf course.

The matter was decided in an Oakland Circuit Court and appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals, which ruled that the deed restriction remains. Detroit filed an application for the Michigan Supreme Court to hear an appeal, according to the Citizens to Save Rackham Web site.

Huntington Woods' offer for the property expired. However, the city is "committed to the preservation of Rackham Golf Course," according to its Web site.

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