A Students for a Free Economy Introductory Video

What Is a Free Economy?

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has received a 2009 Bronze Telly Award for this Students for a Free Economy video! The video serves as an introduction to both SFE and the concept of economic freedom.

The Telly Award contest, now in its 30th year, receives entries from thousands of advertising agencies, production companies, television stations and interactive agencies annually. This is the first year the Center has received a Telly Award.

Congratulations are due to SFE Director of Campus Leadership Isaac Morehouse, who scripted and narrated the video, and Mackinac Center Graphic Arts Manager Daniel Montgomery, who animated and produced it. This is the fourth award SFE has received in the past two years, including a 2008 American Graphic Design Award for the booklet "Economic Freedom and Human Prosperity," a 2008 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for "special innovative projects," and a 2007 International Davey Award for graphic design.

The following is the text of the SFE Introductory Video "What Is a Free Economy?":

What is a "free economy"?

A free economy is an economic system where individuals, not government, make choices about how to spend, save, work, invest, and in a word, live.

At SFE, we believe free economies are better for two reasons.

First, the moral reason: All other economic systems infringe upon basic human rights and dignity by using government force to control individual behavior.

Second, the practical reason: No other economic system produces more opportunity and wealth. No system raises the standard of living and spurs innovation like a free economy. History and economic theory have proven this time and again.

SFE is dedicated to promoting the benefits of free markets and individual liberty on college campuses.

We work with students and student groups to spread a message of freedom by giving out booklets and T-shirts; hosting events; taking road trips; and doing anything we can to get students thinking about liberty.

So sign up for our newsletter and find out what we’re doing next — and how we can help you understand and spread freedom!

Students for a Free Economy: Because you know better than government how to run your life.