Mackinac Center in the News

SEIU Dues Skim Continues

Center legal expert discusses court ruling. … more

Lessons from Allen Park

City's foray into film subsidies misguided, costly. … more

Illinois Cigarette Tax Hike Raises Concerns

Mackinac Center research on smuggling, crime cited. … more

Center Analyst Discusses Michigan Jobs

Manufacturing jobs the key to economic growth. … more

Unions Push to Protect the 3 Percent

Ballot proposal ignores recent votes in Wisconsin, California. … more

Cost Recovery Fees a Double-Edged Sword

Analyst says they could be a tax hidden as a fee. … more

National Media Cites Center Analyst

Unions push to shield the 3 percent from economic reality. … more

Center Research Cited in Wall Street Journal

House GOP taken to task for being soft on pension reform. … more

Snyder Recall Leader Pushing 'Protect Our Jobs'

Lehman offers to debate UAW Boss Bob King. … more

Center Scholar Testifies Before Congress

Professor Mark J. Perry addresses energy policy. … more

Center Study Cited in Huffington Post

California considering cigarette tax increase. … more

Center Cited on Belle Isle, New Windsor Bridge

Huffington Post, Crain's both mention Center analyses. … more

Detroit News Cites Center on 'Release Time'

Higher education costs also addressed in Center Op-Ed. … more

SEIU Dues Scheme Must End

Center has battled illegal unionization for nearly a year. … more

Center Analysis Cited in Detroit News

Pension reform "transition costs" are overstated. … more

Gov. Snyder, Gov. Wise Talk Online Learning

Center hosted two events in Lansing Wednesday. … more

Former W.Va. Gov. Bob Wise in Freep

Speaking at Center events Wednesday at noon and 6 p.m. … more

Van Beek Explains How Flipped Classrooms Work

Watching lectures at home, doing homework in class. … more

SEIU's Vicious Circle

Union pays employer so it can funnel money back to the union. … more

Sen. Richardville: 'Tell the Mackinac Center that, OK?'

Majority leader embraces school employee pension reform. … more

Littmann Cited on Michigan's Unemployment Rate

"Signs trending upward," but uncertainties exist. … more

Occupy to Protest Mackinac Center

Group sends mixed message with its words, actions. … more

Mackinac Center Speaker on WJR

Arthur Brooks coming to Michigan in June. … more

CapCon Story Draws National Attention

The folly of central planning examined. … more

Crime Hinders Economic Development

Michael LaFaive in The Saginaw News. … more

Center Scholars Featured in Free Press

Van Beek, Coulson on school choice, district consolidation. … more

Few People Stay Poor

Center scholar explains income mobility. … more

'Free' College Tuition Plan Questioned

Jobs attract graduates, not vice versa. … more

Former Center Scholar in 'Governing' Magazine

Lou Schimmel is Pontiac's emergency manager. … more

McHugh on Legislators' Benefits

"A matter of fairness and perception." … more

Spencer Discusses SEIU Dues Skim

Money still being taken from disabled, despite new law. … more

Wright on WJR With Beckmann

Indiana union claims new law is 'slavery.' … more

Union Lawsuit Claims 'Slavery'

Wright: "Expands the definition of chutzpah." … more

Littmann to Speak on $58M School Bond Vote

Bond votes in 2007 and 2010 failed. … more

CapCon Story Gets National Attention

Teacher upset she can't retire at 47. … more

Van Beek on Schools' Long-Term Debt

School bond process must be reformed. … more

Center Scholars Cited in Detroit News

LaFaive, Smith battling regulatory overload in liquor laws. … more

Center Analyst in Investor's Business Daily

Kersey: Union officials don't like right-to-work accountability. … more

Hohman Op-Ed in Free Press

Fiscal analyst also cited in Detroit News on teacher pensions. … more

SEIU Scheme Ends

Legislation stops dues skim. … more

Hohman on Teacher Pensions in Detroit News

His recent study shows how to save taxpayers billions. … more

Pfizer Story Cited

CapCon story forms basis for entire posting. … more

Prison Spending Ripe for Reform

Center research cited in Lansing State Journal. … more

Hohman Commentary in Dearborn Paper

Time to fix school employees' retirement fund. … more

CapCon Coverage Gets National Media Attention

Story on A123 cited in Washington Examiner. … more

Kersey Cited on Right-to-Work Laws

Makes states "more attractive" to businesses. … more

Director of Labor Policy Cited on

Center's Paul Kersey consulted in proposed Detroit consent deal. … more

Center Cited in National Review

CapCon story on A123 battery maker draws national attention. … more

David Littmann on Fox Business News

Discussed Detroit's financial downfall. … more

Center Analyst on Pension Reform

James Hohman discusses school employee pension plan. … more

Lehman: U.S. Can't Afford Obamacare

Center president's Detroit News Op-Ed. … more

Center Cited on Tourism Subsidies

State study noted as "dubious." … more

Center Analyst Discusses Right-to-Work Issues

Paul Kersey on WEMU. … more

Center Analyst Cited on Early Spring

Economic activity could increase consumer confidence. … more

Center Cited on Student Victory

Some U-M students upset they can't force others into a union. … more

Legal Analyst: 'Monitoring' SEIU

Union trying to push forced unionization ballot measure. … more

Analyst Talks About Michigan Gas Tax

Legislators should prioritize road spending, not raise taxes. … more

Center Analyst: College Subsidy Plan Won't Work

Michael Van Beek outlines the downsides to "Michigan2020." … more

James Hohman On Teacher Retirement System

Significant changes needed to rescue underfunded plan. … more

Center Analyst Discusses Union Ballot Proposal

Paul Kersey details "self-centered and reckless" initiative. … more

Victory for U-M Grad Students

New law prevents forced unionization of graduate students. … more

Closing the School Employee Retirement Fund

Center analyst explains how schools can save millions. … more

Dim Bulbs

Editorial compares $50 light bulb to Chevy Volt … more

Center Analysts Discuss Illegal Unionization

A video explaining the scheme is posted at … more

Free Press Writer Praises Center Scholar

"Sober, scholarly summary" presented at Issues & Ideas forum. … more

Paul Kersey Discusses New Labor Proposal

"This is about protecting government employee unions." … more

Kersey: Union Ballot Plan a 'Power Grab'

Proposed ballot initiative would negate money-saving reforms. … more

Mackinac Center Video Posted at

Michigan GOP Senate fails to stop SEIU scheme. … more

Increasing Tobacco Taxes Brings Negative Results

More smuggling, more crime predicted by Center analysts. … more

GM Suspends Volt Production

Center analyst cited on $250k subsidies. … more

Health Care Caps Will Help Students

Money can be directed to the classroom, where it belongs. … more

SEIU Dues Skim Explained

Jack Spencer discusses illegal unionization. … more

Analyst Questions Democracy of Unions

Union concerns about PA 4 appear unfounded. … more

Littmann Discusses '9-9-9' Tax Reform Plan

Senior economist on Lansing radio show. … more

Center Analysts Discuss Emergency Manager Law

LaFaive, Kersey interviewed regarding ballot initiative. … more

LaFaive Cited on Government Golf Courses

"Least necessary of the least necessary government services." … more

Analyst Cited on GM Bankruptcy

Kersey: UAW played a role. … more

Michigan Vulnerable to Indiana

Kersey cited in Miami, Kansas City papers. … more

Center Analyst Discusses Gas Taxes

GOP legislators pushing bills to ramp up gas, vehicle taxes. … more

Center Cited on Fox Business

Noted for battling illegal unionization in Michigan. … more

Editorial Cites Hohman on Chevy Volt Subsidies

Taxpayers on hook for up to $250K for each one sold. … more

Center Expert Outlines Right-to-Work Issue

Michigan needs law to remain competitive. … more

Wright Discusses SEIU Scheme

Union collects $28M in illegal dues and counting. … more

Center Expert Cited on UAW Politics

Proof that Michigan employees need right-to-work protection. … more

Corporate Welfare to Increase $20M

Governor's 2013 proposed budget released Thursday. … more

Center Experts on School Spending

Employee insurance costs cut into education funding. … more

Center Analyst Discusses Gas Tax

Michigan headed for highest fuel tax in the country? … more

LaFaive Cited on Indiana Right-to-Work Law

Michigan employees need right-to-work protections to keep pace. … more

MCLF Attorney Discusses U-M Case

Students being denied due process in unionization fight. … more

If the Monopoly Title Fits, Wear It

Alcohol distribution territorial monopolies hurt consumers. … more

Center Pension Study Cited

State employee pension change has saved $4 billion. … more

Center Scholar, Wife, Pen New Book

They are "nationally recognized" FDR experts. … more

Kersey Cited in Wall Street Journal

Right-to-work study shows benefits of law. … more

Congressman Addresses Mackinac Center Audience

Rep. Dave Camp discusses election year, tax rates. … more

Court Denies U-M Students Their Say

Only pro-unionization parties allowed to testify. … more

Center Analyst in CS Monitor

Paul Kersey cited on right-to-work debate in Indiana. … more

Center Expert Gives Economic Forecast

David Littmann on what 2012 could bring. … more

Center Analyst in Free Press on Film Subsidy Failure

State retirees on the hook for missed bond payment. … more

LaFaive Cited on Emergency Manager Law

Cities brought it upon themselves, analyst says. … more

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