Mackinac Center in the News

Focus on the Day Care

Focus on the Family's weekend news program highlighted the Mackinac Center's legal fight against the DHS's forced unionization of 40,000 day care providers in Michigan.
Mackinac Center President Joseph Lehman was interviewed for the segment. He commented:
[U]nion and government officials ... got together and said, "You know, there's a $300 million day care subsidy that's flowing from government to day care providers, and we wanna grab a chunk of that." ... So they concocted a way to siphon off $3.7 million a year from that day care subsidy.
 … more

The Court of Public Opinion

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation's suit against the DHS continues to draw national attention. … more

Balancing Their Problems on Our Backs

The governor and Legislature won't cut their overspending crisis, so Michael LaFaive asks them what part of our own family budgets should we cut to satisfy their thirst for more taxes. … more

The Mitten State Waves Goodbye

Census Bureau figures released today continue to confirm the damaging impact of bad public policy on Michigan this decade. … more

Public School Funding, Consolidation Discussed

Michigan's public school funding continues to draw attention. … more

Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Case Proceeding

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation is awaiting the next step in its lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Human Services. … more

Are Schools Underfunded?

Here is a new resource that Michael Van Beek, director of education policy, put together to help people better understand the issue. … more

Expenses Consume Prop A Funding Increases

Personnel costs are responsible for public school budget problems. … more

Story on Film Subsidies Ignores the Full Picture

A report at indicates an increase in the number of hotel room rentals in the Ann Arbor area and credits the Michigan film subsidy, but the story fails to mention any impact on hotels - or other businesses - throughout the rest of Michigan that pay taxes to fund the subsidy. … more

School District Consolidation Talk in Lansing

A Detroit Free Press story today on school district consolidation cites a Mackinac Center study on the issue from 2007. … more

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