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'Voting Yes on Medicaid Expansion is Voting for Obamacare'

State Senate takes another turn on Medicaid expansion issue

… legislation to expand Medicaid could take place today in … fashion the issue of Medicaid expansion in Michigan. At issue … that are resisting the expansion of the social welfare … more

MichiganVotes: New Bill Starts Discussion Of Medicaid Expansion Alternatives

Senator introduces 'free market alternative' to Medicaid expansion

… free-market alternative to Medicaid expansion. The stated … offered in place of Medicaid expansion. On Thursday, … more

Oregon Study Suggests Michigan Medicaid Expansion Not Worth the Cost

Health policy expert: 'The nation's top health economists released a study that throws a huge "STOP" sign in front of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion'

… Legislature debates expanding Medicaid, a new study says that … Obamacare's Medicaid expansion," wrote Michael Cannon, … group in the state's Medicaid program and another … participating in the expansion, when the best-designed … more

Medicaid Pays Below What It Costs To Take Care of Patients

Video highlights real issues with Medicaid expansion in Michigan

… accept more patients on Medicaid but says he can't because … care." Opponents of Medicaid expansion in Michigan point … reimbursements too low. "Medicaid pays us way below what … Increase' Claim By Medicaid Expansion Advocates Remains … more

Hohman in LSJ: Road Tax Hike to Fund Medicaid Expansion

… pay for the state’s Medicaid expansion, Mackinac Center’s … pay for Michigan’s Medicaid expansion and increases in … more

If Medicaid Expansion Passes, GOP 'Yes' Votes Likely Stuck Voting to Pay For It Too

Attorney General Bill Schuette Opposes Medicaid Expansion

… Republicans who voted for the Medicaid expansion bill may have put … bills to follow. Medicaid expansion is the key issue … more

Legislature Hoping for Improbable Federal Rescue of Medicaid Expansion

Without waiver, it's back to the drawing board

The Obamacare Medicaid expansion approved by the Michigan … Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services grants Michigan … 600,000 people the expansion added to the state’s … more

Lawmakers Repeal Prevailing Wage and Pass Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Medicaid Population

Repeal of union wage mandates and application of Medicaid work requirements will benefit taxpayers and Michigan’s economy

… enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Both reforms … “Healthy Michigan” Medicaid-expansion program. Individuals … that we remember why Medicaid was established in the … more

Michigan Republicans Go Wobbly on Obamacare

Medicaid expansion props up vulnerable law

… also refuse the law's Medicaid expansion. Yet Republicans … pressure and accepting the Medicaid expansion. Some in the majority … more

Brain Surgery Required After Medicaid Issues Delayed Dental Care

The real patients of Medicaid video series

… sister to navigate the Medicaid maze. At first she tried … Obamacare. Opponents of Medicaid expansion in Michigan point … could not accept her Medicaid coverage. She discontinued … Increase' Claim By Medicaid Expansion Advocates Remains … more