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Mark Fischer

Mark L. Fischer is an attorney in private practice and a former labor policy research assistant with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. White at the Center, Fischer analyzed legislation, court decisions, and administrative rulings that affect the rights and responsibilities of Michigan employees, including the state's almost one million union workers. He also worked with many unionized employees to help them exercise their rights, and his Mackinac Center Viewpoints on labor law were widely reprinted throughout the state.

Fischer is a member of the state bar of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctor from the Tomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing. He also holds a master's degree in international management.

From Mark Fischer

Religious Liberty and Compulsory Unionism: A Worker's Guide to Using Union Dues for Charity

Many employees in unionized workplaces do not know that if they harbor religious objections to joining, financing, or otherwise associating with labor unions, they have legal recourse if their union or employer or both violate those rights. This report explains the statutes and developing case law that protect religious employees' freedom of conscience in the workplace by allowing them to refrain from union membership and divert their compulsory dues to a charity of their choice. … more

Deauthorization: The Union Workers' Trump Card

Private-sector workers can hold an unresponsive union accountable by voting to withhold their dues payments. … more

Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act: Will Common Sense Prevail?

Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act mandates that artificially high union wages be paid for all state-financed construction projects. Repealing the law would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary construction costs each year. … more

Disability Discrimination: Good Intentions Can Produce Bad Law

Laws intended to help disabled people find and keep jobs have encouraged anyone with a personal problem to file frivolous lawsuits in the hopes of winning huge cash awards from employers. … more

In Wake of Daimler-Chrysler Merger, Michigan Needs Labor Law Reform

Competition for jobs among states and other countries is heavy in the global marketplace, but Michigan's labor market is burdened by a policy of compulsory unionism that damages the state's long-term potential for prosperity and economic growth. … more