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Matt Coffey

Central Michigan University

Matt Coffey is an attorney with 26 years of state wide practice in the areas of auto negligence, insurance defense, creditors rights and commercial litigation. He is also a 19 year member on the faculty of Central Michigan University where he is a lecturer in the Finance and Law department of the College of Business Administration. Matt and his wife Trish reside in Midland with their children Colin and Quinn.

From Matt Coffey

Only One Auto Insurance Reform Plan Worth Pursuing

HB 5013 will reduce premiums, competing reform bills may increase them … more

What's Wrong With Michigan's No-Fault Automobile Insurance

A PDF copy of this study is available.
On Oct. 1, 1973, Michigan joined a growing number of states in adopting a “no-fault” automobile insurance law, which has remained in tack ever since. This policy brief outlines the variety of problems plaguing Michigan's auto insurance laws and explains why these issues are leading to the most expensive car insurance premiums in the nation.
The brief also describes several reform ideas for how to fix Michigan's no-fault insurance system. These reforms would maintain the no-fault approach to car insurance, but would put downward pressure on premiums, a benefit that would be enjoyed by all Michigan drivers. … more

Give Michigan Drivers Relief from High Auto Insurance Premiums