Equality of Sacrifice

Letter of Understanding from the 2007 Ford-UAW Contract


November 3, 2007


Mr. Bob King
Vice President and Director
UAW, National Ford Department
8000 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48214

Dear Mr. King:

Subject: Equality of Sacrifice

During 2007 negotiations the parties had numerous discussions pertaining to the principle of "Equality of Sacrifice" and the Company's management principle of "One Company, One Plan".  The Union also expressed concern that the salaried workforce contribute equally to those wage and benefit adjustments necessary to achieve growth and job security.  The Company is committed to both of these principles and recognized that all employees should share in the contributions necessary during this difficult period.  While the company does not negotiate the wages and benefits for non-represented employees, it has assured the Union that sacrifices by the UAW-represented employees are reflected in the pay and benefit practices of all non-represented employees.

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Very truly yours,

Executive Director
U.S. Labor Affairs

Concur: Bob King

Source: 2007 UAW-Ford Master Contract, Vol IV, p. 438