Total Taxes

The approach outlined above would raise the state gasoline tax 5.8 cents per gallon, to a total of 20.8 cents per gallon before sales taxes, and to approximately 25.8 cents per gallon after sales taxes. Before sales taxes this rate would be higher than the national average, and higher than all but one neighboring state. After sales taxes, this rate would be 2.5 to 5 cents per gallon higher than neighboring states.

Diesel taxes would increase by 9.4 cents per gallon to a total of 18.4 cents per gallon. However, 3.4 cents per gallon of the increase would be related to elimination of fees, leaving a 6 cents per gallon net increase in revenue. Diesel taxes would continue to be 4 cents per gallon below the national average before sales taxes and other add-ons. After sales taxes, Michigan's diesel tax would be slightly higher than Ohio's, some 3 cents per gallon below Indiana's, and considerably less than Illinois' tax.