MEGA would be difficult to terminate once established due to constituent pressures, political benefit, and the difficulty of measuring program success.

If enacted, MEGA is unlikely to end at its December 31, 1998 sunset date. Many of the firms that would gain from the MEGA credits employ lobbyists in the state capital who will work to renew the program. And future governors will have their own reasons to support it. While net new jobs are dubious, MEGA is certain to create excellent photo opportunities for the Governor and other state officials at the ground-breaking ceremonies for the new "job creating" projects.

Difficulty in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the program will prevent it from being judged unsuccessful and terminated. Businesses will claim their need for the tax credits whether or not they are actually the deciding factor in the location decision, and the businesses lost due to the failure to obtain further lowering of overall tax levels will go unseen and unmeasured.