4. Pricing Freedom

Inherent in any decision to sell the airport must be the provision of pricing freedom by the owner/operator. An airport, operated as a business, can only thrive if supply and demand dictate income and profitability rather than the current restrictive Basic Agreement.

Metro needs expansion to meet demand and changes must be made to assure the long-term viability of the airport. The airport must be able to change its fee structure to generate the revenue necessary to provide the services the airport users demand.

Similarly, a modified fee system could efficiently solve same of the airport capacity problems. Higher fees at peak times would reduce the number of marginal flights, spreading those flights into time slots which are not as heavy. With demand for airport space spread more evenly through the day, there would be fewer shortages of capacity during peak times and thus a more efficient airport. As in Great Britain, price could more accurately reflect demand for the resource and therefore potentially reduce capacity problems.