VI. Recommendations

  1. Reconsider whether farmland preservation is a necessity compared to other environmental priorities in Michigan.
  2. Enact legislation authorizing private land trusts to take over administration of P.A. 116 programs from the state.
  3. Enact legislation to allow private trusts administering the farmland preservation program to incorporate eligibility criteria that distinguish properties according to relative risk of conversion and according to environmental value.
  4. Establish through legislation a scale of tax credits that accounts for variations in preservation value.
  5. Enact legislation to allow covenant conditions to be individually customized.
  6. Enact legislation to allow private trusts to institute penalties for early program withdrawal, to reduce exploitation of tax credits by land speculators.
  7. Reduce the state’s land inventory to encourage a more robust market in outdoor recreation.
  8. Require through legislation that state agencies analyze whether existing farmland preservation programs are fulfilling objectives before additional funds for administration are authorized.