Infrastructure and Equipment

When funds became available in the later half of the receivership, efforts to improve roads, street lighting, municipal office facilities and equipment were initiated. Some of the significant capital outlay included:

  • Substantial expenditures incurred in the repair and renovation of roads in the 1989 and 1990 fiscal years, potentially approaching $761,000 paid out of the Local and Major Streets Funds.

  • Similarly, as much as $525,000 was expended in the Water and Sewer Fund for repairs and maintenance of sewer and water transmission lines and additional amounts in the installation of new water meters in each residence and business.

  • The acquisition of a new fire truck in 1990 through the use of Community Development Block Grant funds.

  • Six new police cars in July 1989.

  • Over $25,000 in repairs to improve the garage floor in the municipal offices.

  • Computer equipment and related software approaching $75,000 for the 26th District Court operations.