Appendix V: Recommended Reading

Pupil Transportation Guide: Cost Analysis, Service Options, and Contract Administration, 1990, California Department of Education. This comprehensive guidebook is applicable for any state considering contracting for school transportation. The Guide was prepared by the consulting firm KPMG Peat Marwick and contains an extensive cost-allocation worksheet, a model contract and RFP, and all-around useful information. It is available for $16 from the California Department of Education, Bureau of Publications Sales Unit, P.O. Box 271, Sacramento, CA 95812-0271. Tel. (916) 445-1260. Request Item # 0898.

Designing an Effective Bidding and Monitoring System to Minimize Problems in Competitive Contracting, by John Rehfuss, Mackinac Center for Public Policy / Reason Foundation How-To Guide No. 3, 1993. Outlines the necessary safeguards government must adopt to prevent abuses in private-sector contracting.

How to Compare the Costs Between In-House and Contracted Services, by Lawrence Martin, Mackinac Center for Public Policy / Reason Foundation How-To Guide No. 4, 1993. Provides a standard procedure for making valid cost comparisons between public and private service provision.

Privatization and Public Employees: Guidelines for Fair Treatment, by John O'Leary and William D. Eggers, Reason Foundation How-To Guide No. 9, September, 1993. Discusses methods to overcome political obstacles to contracting and to ease the transition for public employees.

Making Schools Work: Contracting Options for Better Management, by Janet R. Beales and John O'Leary, Mackinac Center for Public Policy / Reason Foundation, January 1994. Surveys the field of private providers in public education for both core and support services.