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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) was created in 1951 to: (1) oversee the construction, improvement, safety and maintenance of the state highway system, which includes the 9,700 miles of interstate, U.S. and M-numbered highways; (2) supervise the operation of aviation within the state and fund the construction and improvement of airport facilities; (3) promote and subsidize public transit programs in the state; and (4) promote and subsidize passenger and freight use on railroads within the state.

Michigan’s transportation programs are largely funded through user fees levied on motorists and truckers by way of a fuel tax.  Revenue for Michigan’s Transportation Fund is derived from a tax of 19 cents levied on each gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the state and registration fees.  Funds from the federal government (highway trust fund), which make up nearly a third of Michigan’s transportation budget, are derived from a federal fuel tax of 18.4 cents levied on each gallon of gasoline sold.