VII. Recommendations

1. The Legislature should direct the auditor general to immediately conduct a performance review of all CMI spending as required by the Clean Michigan Initiative Act.

2. The Clean Michigan Initiative Act does not oblige the state treasurer to sell the full $675 million in bonds authorized by voters. Because the state's debt burden has increased substantially, and the initiative lacks sound priorities and realistic objectives, future CMI bond sales should be restricted to raising only the funds necessary to complete current projects.

3. Any future bond authorizations should require a corresponding budget cut to offset the costs of bond interest and associated legal and administrative fees.

4. All publicly owned brownfield sites cleared with CMI funds should be auctioned or sold by a date certain established by the Legislature. Economic development will more likely occur if the properties are in private hands.

5. All funding for state park improvement projects that have not yet begun should be canceled. The Department of Natural Resources may elect instead to fund the improvements through the State Park Endowment Fund.

6. The environmental education program should be discontinued in favor of curriculum development at the local level.

7. The Departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources should conduct a programs inventory for review by the governor for purposes of eliminating redundancy.

8. Privatize all government-owned lighthouses.