Wright Joins Beckmann to Discuss August Window Win

MEA may not enforce August Window while waiting for appeal

Patrick Wright, vice president for legal affairs at the Mackinac Center, gave an interview on The Frank Beckmann Show to discuss the latest win in the August window saga.

In September, the Michigan Employment Relations Commission concurred with an administrative law judge and found the MEA's August window (the policy of requiring all resignations to occur in August) illegal. MERC ordered the MEA to begin taking resignations year round, but the MEA filed with the Court of Appeals, asking it to reconsider the decision and to order a stay in the meantime, which would keep the August window in effect for at least a year.

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The Court of Appeals denied the MEA's request for a stay, meaning that in the MEA's own words, it must accept all resignations. Wright explains the situation fully on Beckmann.

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