Appendix A: The Effect of Michigan’s Public Act 4 on Municipal and School District Emergency Manager Powers

Public Act 4 includes various minor changes and clarifications to Public Act 72. For instance, Sec. 19(1)(g) allowed the emergency manager to “make, approve, or disapprove any appropriation, contract, expenditure, or loan, the creation of any new position, or the filling of any vacancy by any appointing authority,” eliminating the qualification that the vacancy must be “in a permanent position,” as it was stated in Act 72.

Graphic 4 lists the sections of Public Act 4 that give new powers to a receiver — under the act, an “emergency manager.” The graphic also lists powers explicitly granted in Public Act 4 that were only implicitly granted in Public Act 72. 

Graphic 4: New Powers Available Under Public Act 4

Graphic 4: New Powers Available Under Public Act 4 - click to enlarge

Source: Public Act 4 of 2011 and Public Act 72 of 1990.
*See MCL § 141.1221(p).