A Christmas Wish

As Christmas is rapidly approaching and shoppers are scurrying to finish last-minute purchases, there is only one thing left on my Christmas list – less government. My perfect Christmas gift would be for the political class to stop playing Santa Claus. I do not want politicians to promise me an endless bag of goodies that cannot be paid for now or even by the next generation. A few items that could fill my Christmas stocking:

  • A government that stops telling me what kind of light bulbs to use, what kind of car I must drive, and how much water I can use to flush the toilet.
  • A government that stops giving my tax dollars to millionaire film makers and green causes such as solar companies and battery makers, most of whom go bankrupt.
  • A government that stops printing more money, calling it quantitative easing.
  • A government that actually passes a budget rather than an endless string of temporary deals which kick the can down the road.
  • A government that stops accumulating debt that cannot be paid back even by future generations.

Perhaps I am asking for too much. After all, the political class must know if we have been naughty or nice, and I am sure we can trust the government to give us what we deserve. I will have to wait until November to give them what they deserve.

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