Appendix A: Revisions to Previous Publications

Oneida Township School District #3 began contracting over a year ago with a local individual for custodial services.

Muskegon Heights Public Schools uses the employee-leasing agency Good Marks for Schools, but only hires administrators through that agency, not its custodial director, as we reported last year. The building services administrator, who oversees custodial, maintenance and similar services, is contracted through Good Marks, but custodial supervisors are in-house.

Grand Rapids Public Schools has contracted with West Michigan Janitorial for some part-time custodial services since 2005. These custodians work alongside in-house staff; hence this is a (partial) privatization of custodial labor in the district.

Houghton Lake Community Schools and Romeo Community Schools both leased their transportation directors from private firms starting in the 2009-2010 school year. The two districts used PESG and PCMI, respectively, to fill the position.