Michigan Freedom to Work Kicks Off

Choose to support a union, or choose not to: A new group says it's a civil right.

Today, Michigan Freedom to Work announced its drive for a state law that would ensure that workers throughout the state have the freedom to decide whether or not to join and pay dues to a union. The campaign for a right-to-work law will face stiff opposition from union officials with deep pockets, but has the support of a wide range of Michiganders, including many union members.

MIFTW staged announcements across the state, and Mackinac Center intern Andrew Koehlinger attended the meeting in Flint. He provides us with a summary.

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The headline speaker in Flint, Frederick Douglas Foundation President Stacy Swimp, made the case for freedom to work as a civil right:

All employees should be free to join and financially support a labor union if they choose, without fear of discrimination or penalty. We believe all employees should be equally free to choose not to join or financially support a union, again without fear of discrimination or penalty. This July Fourth weekend, and every day of the year, individual freedom is the issue. We call on the Legislature and Gov. Snyder to pass as quickly as possible a state civil rights law guaranteeing every Michigan employee's freedom to choose.