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1. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, by what level did carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels in the United States increase from 2002 to 2006?

A. 1.7 percent.
B. 7.1 percent.
C. 27.7 percent.
D. 0.7 percent.

2.What occurred in Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908?

A. A hydrogen bomb exploded.
B. A dynamite factory caught fire.
C. An asteroid exploded.
D. The planet Jupiter was discovered.

3. How did the mastodon discovered by Rich and Annette Schneider die?

A. It was killed by hunters.
B. Wasting disease.
C. It was killed by wolves.
D. Old age.

4. How many mastodon skeletons have been found in Michigan in the past 100 years?

A. 250.
B. 200.
C. 2000.
D. 275.

5. How many Michigan homes are anticipated to receive weatherization upgrades as part of the federal stimulus program?

A. 3,300.
B. 33,000.
C. 13,000.
D. 23,000.

6. What tool devised by Princeton researchers measures airtightness and locates heat leaks in homes?

A. A vacuum door.
B. A blower door.
C. An insulation door.
D. A resistance door.

7. What qualities do phosphates add to washing products?

A. Raise wash efficiency.
B. Prevents film forming on glassware.
C. Both A and B.
D. None of the above.

8. In 1977, the level of phosphates used in laundry detergents was lowered to what percentage?

A. 1.7 percent.
B. 8.7 percent.
C. 30 percent.
D. 0.5 percent.

9. According to University of Hawaii researchers, how much carbon dioxide was released from deep-ocean warming during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?

A. 11 million tons.
B. 11 billion tons.
C. 11 trillion tons.
D. 16 tons.

10. What percentage of the United States' electricity is derived from fossil fuels?

A. Just over 91 percent.
B. Just under 65 percent.
C. Just over 75 percent.
D. Just under 55 percent.