The Third Degree

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1. Who won a Nobel Prize for discovering proof that either a black hole or a neutron star must be created when a star of a certain size dies?

A. Robert C. Balling Jr.
B. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.
C. Arthur Eddington.
D. Kenneth Braun.

2. By what percentage did the cost of electricity in Germany increase when the country began to generate 15 percent of its energy from solar and wind power sources?

A. 15 Percent.
B. 27 Percent.
C. 38 Percent.
D. 42 Percent.

3. Which species of fish traveled from the Black and Caspian seas to the Great Lakes in the ballast water of European ships?

A. Goby.
B. Spiny Dogfish.
C. Goramy.
D. Asian Carp.

4. According to a Universidad Rey Juan Carlos study, how many jobs — on average — will be lost for every green job that is created?

A. 1.5.
B. Four.
C. 2.2.
D. Nine.

5. Which of the following was NOT the name of a division in the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship?

A. Galileo.
B. Newton.
C. Archimedes.
D. Edison.

6. In which compass direction do winds predominantly blow across the Great Lakes?

A. North.
B. West.
C. South.
D. East.

7. Fill in the blank: "Refrigerated display cases are responsible for nearly ___ percent of all energy consumed in grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets."

A. 50.
B. 30.

C. 65.
D. 25.

8. Which renewable energy resource is achieving its promised goals?

A. Wind.
B. Solar.
C. Mini-hydro.
D. None of the above.

9. What do Asian Carp primarily eat?

A. Holoplankton and Picoplankton.
B. Zooplankton and Phytoplankton.
C. Bacterioplankton and Acterioplankton.
D. Phytoplankton and Meroplankton.

10. From what Caribbean country or countries does the United States receive most of its imported ethanol?

A. Grenada.
B. Barbados.
C. Trinidad & Tobago.
D. Haiti.

11. Bonus Question: In which city does "Casey at the Bat" take place?

A. New York.
B. Boston.
C. Detroit.
D. Mudville.