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IJ Mackinac Center Fight For Free Speech

Research: Researching the Researchers

Tank Heaven

"Think of the Mackinac Center as one of the chief laboratories for the laboratories of democracy," writes Detroit News columnist Tom Bray in a recent article for more

New Web Site May Help Inform Voters

New Web Site May Help Inform Voters

Area students discuss terrorism

A Month To Live in Infamy

Tax Rebates and Spending

Don't blame unions for Detroit's morass

Clash in the States

Bill fosters a blight on property rights

NLRB too slow to protect workers' rights

Workers need a choice

Policy and Politics

The Mackinac Center's willingness to criticize poor public policies emanating from both sides of the political aisle is a major reason for the organization's success, says a syndicated columnist. more

State announces SmartZone locations

School Choice Groups Team Up

Help for Redford Union

Unions, Think Before Striking