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The Gold Standard and Unemployment

Wouldn't a gold standard have a deflationary, and thus, pro-unemployment, bias and wouldn't it inhibit the Federal Reserve Board's ability to provide liquidity and credit when needed? more

Currency and Exchange Rates

Are flexible exchange rates and floating exchange rates the same thing? more

Government and Recessions

What steps should be taken to bring the economy out of recession? more

Government Intervention and "Unrestrained" Competition

Advocates of government intervention in the economy often make their case by attacking "unrestrained" competition. Is competition ever "unrestrained"? What were some of the important restraints on competition that operated in the U.S. economy in the 19th century when, according to some accounts, competition was "unrestrained"? more

Supply and Demand and the Labor Market

How does the law of supply and demand work with respect to the labor market? more

"Maximum Wage" Law

Should the government ever impose a "maximum wage," and if so, what should it be? Would a maximum wage law help or hurt the economy? more

Gold Reserves and the Dollar

What if the all the gold in the U.S. reserves were suddenly dumped onto the market. What would happen to the economy? The price of gold? The strength of the U.S. dollar? more

Politicians and Protectionism

Why do some politicians and interest groups favor protectionist policies while most economists oppose them? more

Savings Rates and Living Standards

How does a higher savings rate lead to a higher standard of living? more