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The Gold Standard and Unemployment

Wouldn't a gold standard have a deflationary, and thus, pro-unemployment, bias and wouldn't it inhibit the Federal Reserve Board's ability to provide liquidity and credit when needed? more

Currency and Exchange Rates

Are flexible exchange rates and floating exchange rates the same thing? more

Government and Recessions

What steps should be taken to bring the economy out of recession? more

Government Intervention and "Unrestrained" Competition

Advocates of government intervention in the economy often make their case by attacking "unrestrained" competition. Is competition ever "unrestrained"? What were some of the important restraints on competition that operated in the U.S. economy in the 19th century when, according to some accounts, competition was "unrestrained"? more

Supply and Demand and the Labor Market

How does the law of supply and demand work with respect to the labor market? more

"Maximum Wage" Law

Should the government ever impose a "maximum wage," and if so, what should it be? Would a maximum wage law help or hurt the economy? more

Gold Reserves and the Dollar

What if the all the gold in the U.S. reserves were suddenly dumped onto the market. What would happen to the economy? The price of gold? The strength of the U.S. dollar? more

Politicians and Protectionism

Why do some politicians and interest groups favor protectionist policies while most economists oppose them? more

Savings Rates and Living Standards

How does a higher savings rate lead to a higher standard of living? more

"Comparable Worth" vs. Supply and Demand

What is "comparable worth? What is its purpose, how frequently is it used, and what are some advantages and disadvantages? more

Germany and the Great Depression

Why did Germany suffer so badly from the Great Depression? more

Private Property, "Overfishing," and "Market Failure"

What do you say to arguments about overfishing in the Great Lakes and oceans? Isn't this a clear example of what Keynesians might call market failure, with huge, greedy companies "free" to catch all the fish while driving smaller fishermen out of business and depleting our natural resources? more

Currency and Inflation

Could governments simply fight inflation by destroying (shredding, burning, melting) their currency? Why don't they? more

Bond Prices and Interest Rates

How do bonds work? Why do bond prices rise as interest rates fall, and vice versa? more

Central Banks and Interest Rates

What is the significance of interest rates? What happens when the Federal Reserve fiddles with them? Who is affected and how when the rates are raised? more

Laissez Faire and Economic Growth

What is "laissez-faire" and why is it considered to be best for economic growth? more

Greenspan and Gold

Was there some value in the gold standard that has been lost, and would there be any merit in re-establishing it in some way? more

The Appeal of Socialism

Most economists now seem to agree that socialism as an economic theory is seriously flawed. So how do you explain the continuing embrace, by both major American political parties, of some form of socialism? more

Does the President Run the Economy?

Telecommunications Deregulation

What prevents a wider array of musical choices in radio station listener markets? more

Social Security Privatization

Can Social Security be privatized? What is your opinion of the subject? more

Private Currency and the Gold Standard

What is the feasibility of private currency, and how does the gold standard relate to this? more

Foreign Holdings of U.S. Currency

It was reported recently that Russians are holding $30 billion of US currency in the form of cash. It was also commented that this constitutes a form of interest-free loan to the US. Why? more

The Gold Standard and the Great Depression

Did the gold standard in any way "cause" the Great Depression? more

Balanced Budgets and Depressions

Do balanced budgets cause depressions? more

Important Free Market Books

What are some of the books in the field of free-market economics that you have found indispensable? more

Regulation and Monopolies

How does one respond to the idea that government needs to regulate monopolies? More specifically, in laissez faire economics, is there any time when government would intervene "for the consumer's good"? more

Professors and Academics as Champions of the Working Class

Why is it that academics in universities around the world seem to portray themselves as champions of the working class? more

Immigration and Open Borders

How would an open border policy be beneficial to the economy of the United States? more

False Advertising and the Free Market

In a free-market economy, what would prevent businesses from false advertisement? Businesses could easily say one thing and do another if no one is regulating. How can this be a good thing? more

Balancing Imports and Exports

Are Americans buying imports with exports? more

Health and Safety Standards in a Free Market

In a free-market economy, what health standards are offered to consumers and employees? more

Giant Chain Stores vs.  Mom and Pop  Stores

What would happen to smaller businesses in a free market economy? Would they survive, or would large corporations put them all out of business? more

Tax Cuts vs. Government Revenue

Why does debate over the effects of income tax cuts on revenues and the budget deficit never end? more

Student Loans and the High Cost of College

What is your opinion of government student loan programs? Aren’t they helpful to students who can’t afford the high costs of college? more

Minimum Wage and Fairness

In a free-market economy, wouldn't employees be paid less than the minimum wage? more

Environmental Protection vs. Corporate Profits

Can the environment still be protected despite the ruthless, profit-driven, corporate world? more