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Greg Kaza

Greg Kaza is the former Vice President for Policy Research at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

From Greg Kaza

Should Taxpayers Finance ESOPS?

Lansing once spent taxpayer dollars subsidizing employee stock ownership plans, a program that was of dubious value at best. … more

Michigan Says No to High Tech

A tax on computer software would drive a number of businesses out of Michigan. … more

Executive Summary

It's Time to Abolish HUD's Block Grant Program

Scandals rocking HUD programs in Oakland County point out the need for abolition of block grant handouts. … more

It's Time to Deregulate Michigan Trucking

Counterproductive regulations are raising intrastate shipping costs and making the Michigan trucking industry uncompetitive with firms in neighboring states. … more

Ecorse's Grand Experiment

When Lou Schimmel was made court-appointed receiver of this small Downriver Detroit community of 12,180 residents, he straightened out its finances through budget cuts and widespread privatization. … more

Regional Economic Development: Downriver as a Case Study

The seventeen communities of the Downriver Detroit area have traditionally been economically vibrant. Their decline in recent years is due in great measure to excessive tax burdens and the politicization of community services. The authors explain how this area can revive by rolling back property taxes, privatizing a number of municipal functions, avoiding government-directed economic development schemes, and making certain improvements to the transportation infrastructure. The many lessons from the Downriver experience are applicable to communities all across Michigan. 32 pages. … more