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Dr. William T. Wilson

William T. Wilson, Ph.D., was a senior policy analyst with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Wilson worked as vice president and economist for Comerica Bank in Detroit where he provided consulting services to the bank's commercial credit and private banking operations. He taught at the university level for seven years, including several at Purdue University, from which he earned a Ph.D. in economics and finance.

From Dr. William T. Wilson

The Effect of Right-to-Work Laws on Economic Development

The right to decide for yourself whether or not to support a union in your workplace: union officials dismiss it as "the right to starve", but for the last thirty years Right-to-Work states have been outperforming compuslory unionism states such as Michigan. This report demonstrates how individual freedom and higher productivity give workers in Right-to-Work states the edge in job opportunities, employment, and purchasing power. … more

IMF Bailouts: Foreign Aid or Recovery Delayed?

The International Monetary Fund 's efforts to bail out failing foreign economies with American tax dollars harm not only those economies but also Michigan workers whose jobs depend on exported goods. … more

Assessing the Renaissance Zone Idea

Should You Count on Social Security?

Why do more Americans believe in UFOs than have faith in Social Security? Can the system be rescued? Other nations have saved their systems with free-market reforms. … more