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Robert P. Crowner

Robert Crowner was a professor at Eastern Michigan University, where he taught business ethics, business policy and small business management at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He authored Developing a Strategic Business Plan, contributed five chapters to Applying Ethics to Business and wrote sixty-six business policy and business ethics cases.

Prior to teaching, Crowner worked for four companies in engineering and manufacturing management, culminating in a role as vice president of manufacturing. He also consulted for private companies, a public school district, and city and provincial governments.

Crowner was a Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. He held a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, a Master of Science in Business Administration from Butler University and a Certificate for the Middle Management Program from Harvard Business School.

He did extensive volunteer work, including 34 years on the Lodi Township Planning Commission and 12 years on the Lodi Township Board of Trustees. He served as the director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Stewardship for the Acton Institute. He served on two private Christian school boards and a charter high school board. He also did volunteer counseling for SCORE, an organization which provides free consulting for small businesses.

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