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Dr. Richard M. Ebeling

Mackinac Center scholar Richard Ebeling is Ludwig von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich. He received his bachelor's degree from California State University in 1976 and in 1980 earned his master's from Rutgers University, where he was an adjunct instructor from 1979-81. From 1981-83, he was an instructor at the National University of Ireland at Cork, and from 1984-88, an assistant professor at the University of Dallas.

From Dr. Richard M. Ebeling

Can Free Trade Really Prevent War?

Freedom, Security and the Roots of Terrorism against the United States

Whether peoples in other parts of the world come to understand and value freedom and a peaceful society as we do is beyond our control to dictate. If we try to socially engineer their future through the means of political and military intervention we will be risking our own freedom and security, and may end up losing both at the end of the process. … more

Private Currency and the Gold Standard

What is the feasibility of private currency, and how does the gold standard relate to this? … more

Foreign Holdings of U.S. Currency

It was reported recently that Russians are holding $30 billion of US currency in the form of cash. It was also commented that this constitutes a form of interest-free loan to the US. Why? … more

Professors and Academics as Champions of the Working Class

Why is it that academics in universities around the world seem to portray themselves as champions of the working class? … more

Immigration and Open Borders

How would an open border policy be beneficial to the economy of the United States? … more

Balancing Imports and Exports

Are Americans buying imports with exports? … more