New York Times Story Describes Mackinac Center President as “Johnny Appleseed” of Free-Market State Policy Think Tanks

Quotes Reed saying, “If there’s anything certain in human affairs, it’s that liberty will prevail”

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MIDLAND — The New York Times today profiles Lawrence W. Reed and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in an illustrated 1,900-word essay "Preaching the Gospel of Small Government" (see 2006/11/17/us/politics/17thinktank.html). Reed and the Center’s work in counseling and aiding other state and international free-market think tanks during the past eight years is described at length, with the Times concluding, "No one is more central to this replicating effort than Mr. Reed."

The story is bylined by New York Times writer Jason DeParle, who, Reed estimates, spent more than 70 hours during the past year and a half interviewing Reed for this two-part series. The second installment is likely to appear soon and is expected to mention the Center’s role in assisting the international think tank movement. The first story focuses on the Center’s work in the United States, but notes, "The center started its training program eight years ago, and it has alumni in nearly every state and 37 countries, from Uruguay to Nepal."

Says Reed, "I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the time the New York Times reporter, Jason DeParle, put into this story. I’m also excited about the second part of the series and the attention other state think tanks are receiving. They’re the real heroes of this story. Our sister groups are fighting great fights and providing the intellectual foundation for a freer society."