Mackinac Center Work on Prop 1 Gets Wide Coverage

An Associated Press story about Proposal 1, the May 5 sales and gas tax ballot question, prominently features Mackinac Center research. From the article:

The state sales tax would go up a penny on the dollar. The gasoline tax would rise with inflation, likely more. The annual vehicle registration tax would be higher.

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If voters approve a measure on Michigan's May 5 ballot to improve roads and bridges, the $2.1 billion tax hike would average $545 per household in 2016 — or $45 a month — according to calculations by The Associated Press. The per-household tax increase would fall to $474, or $40 per month, in 2017 when low- to moderate-income residents become eligible for a larger tax credit under Proposal 1.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a free-market think tank in Midland, says it is tough to estimate Proposal 1's impact on a typical resident because the measure has so many components. The group's estimated increased tax burden is $477 to $525 per household, with Earned Income Tax Credit recipients receiving an average $69 tax cut.

The story was featured in the following news sources: Detroit News, Lansing State Journal, WXYZ, Oakland Press, Crain’s Detroit Business, Grand Haven Tribune, Monroe News, Midland Daily News, and elsewhere around the country.

Other stories about our work and the study have recently appeared on MLive, MI NBC News, WILX, WHTCFox 17, and the Port Huron Times Herald.

To see more information about Proposal 1, go here.

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