What others are saying about the Mackinac Center

Over the Center's more-than 25-year-long journey, we've been fortunate enough to cross paths with thousands of fellow freedom fighters in Michigan and beyond. Along the way we've met politicians and parents, students and seniors, business owners and baristas —  all wanting to choose the right school for their kid, keep more of their paycheck or simply have the government leave them alone. ... All the while knowing that it's the sweetest victory if their neighbors have the same opportunities. 

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There are people from around the country who root for Michigan (because freedom shouldn't be constrained by lines on a map). To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we wanted to share some of the nice things Michiganders — and others — have said about you and about the Mackinac Center. (We listen not for a pat on the back, but as motivation for what we have yet to accomplish.)

“With a long track record of success, an outstanding team, and a clear mission, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is destined to advance liberty even more in the next 25 years. Best wishes for continued success!”

--William “Chip” Mellor, President and General Counsel, Institute for Justice


"The Mackinac Center has been a model for free-market think tanks. It has been effective for years in pressing the case for education reform, from its innovative watchdogging of the Michigan Education Association to its promotion of online learning. It has tirelessly studied and exposed the high cost of government employees and their pensions. It has even tried to get overtaxed Michiganders a break on the price of beer! So let's raise a glass to 25 years of defending free markets and lower taxes."

 --David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute


“Thanks to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a state based public policy think tank, who has been successfully turning ideas into action through high quality research, smart communications, and prudent timing, who have been working on this issue for many, many years to prepare the intellectual basis for the case that we made to the people of Michigan and the legislature.”

--Dick DeVos, President, The Windquest Group


"I decided to run for office for the first time after reading about the mischief in Lansing in Michigan Capitol Confidential. Throughout my time in the state House and now in Congress, the Mackinac Center has provided cogent analysis of the issues affecting Michigan. I congratulate the Mackinac Center on its first 25 years of free-market advocacy and look forward to reading its valuable insights in the quarter century ahead."

--Justin Amash, U.S. Representative


“Since the formation of Union Conservatives in 2010, the Mackinac Center has been steadfast in their support of our goal of bringing truth and reality to union members around the country. Your incredible staff has provided us with crucial information when we needed it; pin-point accurate data when we requested it; and enthusiastic support when we shared it.  Without The Mackinac Center in our corner, we would never have reached the same level of success.

“Since the mid 90's, Mackinac created the foundation needed for Michigan to become the 24th Right to Work state, ending forced unionism and forced financial support of a political agenda that 40% or more of union members disagree with.  Your unwavering support for real justice in the workplace has brought real hope to Michigan's almost 700,000 member union workforce.

“We would like to say, ‘Congratulations Mackinac for 25 years of service to truth and reality, and we hope to be with you again at your golden anniversary as well.’”

--Terry Bowman, President and Founder, Union Conservatives


“The Mackinac Center has been an invaluable resource on which I have relied. I know firsthand the research provided by the Mackinac Center has positively influenced many discussions on the state and federal level.”

--Dave Camp, U.S. Representative


“Congratulations to the Mackinac Center on the occasion of your 25th anniversary. But, more than an accumulation of years, congratulations on two and a half decades serving as a Thought Leader and Change Agent. The Mackinac Center has not only altered the way in which officials, journalists and civic leaders think about government; the Mackinac Center’s work product has changed government here in Michigan, and decidedly for the better.  Best wishes for another outstanding 25 years.”

--Bill Schuette, Michigan Attorney General


“Excellent research and analysis is vital to winning the battle for free enterprise and limited government — but we also have to be able to effectively communicate these ideas in a principled, strategic, and good-humored way. The Mackinac Center excels in both developing policy ideas and communicating them not only in Lansing but to leaders and citizens across the state. They're helping set the standard for how state think tanks can win victories for free enterprise today and invest in the liberty of future generations – and they do it with a smile and genial spirit that is far too often missing from our politics today.”

--Arthur Brooks, President, American Enterprise Institute


“I interact with the analysts at the Mackinac Center regularly on weighty policy issues. Most of the ‘studies’ and ‘advice’ given to legislators in Lansing are heavily tainted with self-interest and financial gain. Amidst that environment, it is immensely valuable to have the Center and their analysts’ unbiased, freedom-centered studies, knowledge and advice. They are my most trusted source on policy matters.”

--Tom McMillin, Michigan House of Representatives

"Michigan is fortunate.

The Mackinac Centers contribution to research and education in free market concepts is something that would be of value to every state and local government. As the foremost such organization in the nation, Mackinac should be proud on its 25th anniversary."

—Oliver W. Porter