Flexible charter public school increases test scores

MUSKEGON, Mich. – WayPoint Academy, a charter public school, increased test scores and will avoid closure after increasing the length of the school day and adding Saturday classes, according to MLive.

The school was on the verge of closing due to poor performance, MLive reported.

Rob Kimball, senior director of operations and policy at the Grand Valley State University Charter School Office, said WayPoint was “one of our lower performing schools,” but moved from “unacceptable to above expectations,” according to MLive. Unlike conventional public schools, charters face having their authorization removed and closing down if they do not meet student performance expectations.

“Because they’re nonunion, (teachers) can agree to work outside traditional hours,” Karen Blue-Jenkins, transition director at WayPoint, told MLive. “And we don’t have any problems getting teachers to do that.”

SOURCE: MLive, “Longer school days, class on weekends result in improvements at WayPoint Academy,” May 22, 2012

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