DETROIT – Detroit Public Schools has sent layoff notices to the district’s entire teaching staff, according to The Detroit News. Administrative and non-union employees all received layoff notices a few weeks ago.

According to The News, teachers can begin reapplying for their jobs next month, after which all but about 400 teachers will be called back. The district used a similar process last year, but changes in state law mean callbacks will work differently this time around.

"This was done previously; what's different and what parents should be aware of is the process to call staff back," district spokesman Steve Wasko told The News. "Based on new state law, all school districts are precluded from making hiring decisions based solely on seniority; thus decisions will be made based on evaluations."

Wasko told The News the change means the district will be able to not only call back the right number of teachers, but also ensure those called back are of the highest quality and meet staffing needs.

SOURCE: The Detroit News, “DPS teachers get layoff slips,” April 13, 2012

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