DETROIT — Officials from the Detroit Federation of Teachers expect up to 900 teachers to retire before the beginning of next school year, according to The Detroit News.

That estimate is based on the more than 820 teachers who have contacted the union regarding a recent court settlement that allows teachers to partially cash out banked sick time, according to The News. Teachers must have filed for retirement by March 26th to receive pay for half of their remaining sick days.

DFT President Keith Johnson told The News he thought the recent settlement would only affect the plans of a small amount of the 1,000 to 1,300 Detroit teachers eligible to retire this year.

"Many of our members don't have enough sick days for it to matter to them about cashing them out,” he told The News. “As a result, they were not in a hurry to submit their separation of service. Many will still retire effective April 1, May 1, and even Sept. 1 (because they wish to teach summer school)."


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