"The amount of attention that we can give to a student as an individual... is what sets us apart."

Virtual learning has the potential to revolutionize education for many students in Michigan. It offers increased flexibility, greater individual attention and more responsiveness to students' needs in the pacing and depth of material. Through virtual learning, students from dropouts to high achievers, homebound youths to exceptional athletes can have a better educational experience.

In his new study "Virtual Learning in Michigan's Schools," Education Policy Director Michael Van Beek explores how virtual learning can both save money and improve outcomes in education, and how removing state restrictions could unleash the full potential of virtual schooling.

Michael Van Beek says his study is important:

For school districts and for school board members to look at what other districts are doing and to see the success that other districts are having right now and to see the opportunities that are out there. And for taxpayers and for students and parents is to get a sense at what virtual learning can achieve for them and to see if it's the right fit.